010: Are You Good Enough?

It happens to all of us.

Just before you hit Send on that email pitch, just before you hit the green ‘Apply to This Job’ button, you freeze.

You become paralyzed with fear and uncertainty. You begin to doubt yourself and slowly turn to make a run for it. You feel the urge to procrastinate, telling yourself, “Maybe I’ll wait till my skills are better. Maybe I’ll apply to this job when I’m good enough.”

Are you good enough?

Today’s episode explores the problem of self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough. It’s a problem many freelancers struggle with and have no idea how to address or overcome it. We hope this episode gives you the courage and the tools to finally address your own limiting beliefs and actually move forward from them.

In this episode:

  • Celine and Stef discuss the fear of not being good enough, their own experiences with this fear, and how many freelancers confess that this is one of the biggest problems that keep them up at night.
  • These negative feelings have a ripple effect that in many ways affect different aspects of the self. Moreover, they get to the bottom of how does this affect the self in the context of freelancing.
  • The first step to addressing the fear of not being good enough is to unpack the WHY behind it. Stef outlines the different sources or factors that contribute while Celine explains the difference between the dynamic mindset and static mindset.
  • Your mind could simply be playing tricks on you. Celine talks about the three types of cognitive biases that may hinder you from doing your work.
  • What are the possible steps to take to overcome your fear of not being good enough? Celine suggests a realistic BRAG board while Stef encourages you to embrace failure as a part of living.


Dr. Cate Howell
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D.
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Imposter Syndrome
Worse-than-Average Effect
Two Bulletproof Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Not Being Good Enough
On Being Creative by Ira Glass
“Great People Do Things Before They’re Ready” by Zen Pencils
Amy Poehler: Smart Girls
Ohlife.com – a digital daily journaling web app to help you get your thoughts out of your head and express yourself
Download: 5-Step Action Plan worksheet


009: How to Get Out of the Feast or Famine Cycle


The “feast or famine” cycle, a. k. a. the langaw months. You may have a good job today, but what happens when the client closes the project?

Is there a way to get out of trading hours solely for dollars? Can a freelancer create sustainable income streams?

If these questions are constantly on your mind, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode. Celine and Stef tackle the concept of the feast and famine cycle and provide ways on how to add predictability to your freelancing business. Ultimately this is one of the areas where you’ll understand the difference between working as a remote employee versus running a freelancing business.

In this episode:

  • The importance of predictability in your freelancing business
  • The problem of trading hours for dollars
  • What freelancers need to remember if they decide to make and sell standalone products alongside their service offerings
  • The “money thread” and how this can help you know right away if a source of income is sustainable or not.
  • Two ways you can put yourself and your skills on the radar of potential clients, even when you’re booked solid already.
  • The most important thing you need to do so your clients will always come back to you, whether to give you new work or referrals.


008: How to Avoid Burnout


Have you ever felt tired or disinterested with your work? Do you feel unhappy and dissatisfied that you just can’t bring yourself to work on your clients’ projects?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to these questions, you might have the case of the burnouts.

In today’s episode, Celine and Stef talk about the state of being burned out, why this feeling exists, and what to do to avoid it. We also share our own “burn out” stories and what we do to cope with it.

In this episode:

  • The signs and symptoms of burn out and how this can affect both your personal and professional lives.
  • Celine and Stef share their stories of when they experienced their greatest bouts of burnout.
  • The reasons why we feel burned out, even if we love our work.
  • Concrete ideas and steps you can use and do to avoid feeling burned out. Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective.

For this episode’s alternative Freelancer’s Toolkit:

  • Stef suggests going out for coffee or heading to the gym for a good workout. It helps clear the mind and make you feel happier.
  • Celine encourages you to stay in bed and sleep more, because your body needs rest and it’s something we tend to take for granted.


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007: What We Wish We Knew When We Started Freelancing


You’re gonna love today’s episode because Celine and Stef reveal what they wished they knew when they started freelancing – so that you can avoid the mistakes they made and use their experience as direction and motivation for your own journey as a freelancer.

In this episode:

  • Celine and Stef each share their top two things they wish they knew before they became freelancers.
  • What happened as a result of not knowing these things? Here, they get real on the mistakes they’ve made and the opportunities that have slipped through their fingers.
  • The two ruminate on what could have happened if they knew otherwise. Hint: Stef would have had her website ages ago while Celine would have earned more money as a freelancer.
  • Stef talks about her initial fear of finding jobs outside of job bidding sites and Celine exposes her most awkward interview mistakes.


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006: How to Manage Your Schedule and Get More Done


Do you feel that 24 hours isn’t enough to get things done? Do you struggle managing and sticking to your daily schedule?

Celine and Stef share their best tips on how to manage time, organize one’s schedule, and ultimately get more done before the day ends.

(Note: Sorry for the audio on Celine’s end for this episode, it was raining in Marikina when we recorded this :) )

In this episode:

  • How we all get overwhelmed by the stuff we have to do each day
  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • How we prioritize
  • Learn what Stef does to blaze through her to-do list every time and stay focused all day
  • How Celine uses her personal rhythms to get things done.
  • Why multi-tasking isn’t as efficient as many think it to be
  • The different kinds of productivity systems and how to find the best system for you
  • Bonus tip: the magical Hemingway Pomodoro Technique ™ ® © for feeling more confident when you get back to work from your breaks


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005: How to Beat Procrastination


We all do it, but few of us admit to it. Yes, we all procrastinate. In this episode, Stef and Celine tell their procrastination stories as well as share some of the procrastination woes of other Filipino freelancers. Why do we procrastinate? And, more importantly, how do we stop doing it?

Hint: we suspect that procrastination is just the symptom, it’s not the real problem.

(Also, this is a good one.)

In this episode:

  • We define procrastination. What’s procrastination vs. just taking a break?
  • Stef and Celine both share their procrastination stories.
  • How Celine uses “The 5 Whys” to find the real reason behind her procrastination.
  • Stef’s own techniques for beating procrastination. Sometimes all it takes is a simple change.
  • We briefly tackle why our work fears are often silly or unfounded (“No one will die.”)
  • On the consequences of too much procrastination – it can be more than just losing a client or job.


004: 6 Simple Tactics To Earn More Income Today


Wish you could bump up your freelance income, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

In this new episode, Celine and Stef share 6 simple tactics that you can implement to earn more income without making any drastic changes to your freelancing career (e.g. investing in paid training, offering a new service). The great thing about this episode is that you can apply any of these tactics right away. We know you’re gonna love it.

In this episode:

  • Why you don’t have to make drastic changes to your freelancing career in order to boost your earning potential today.
  •  We cover 6 simple tactics that you can implement today to earn more AND increase your innate value as a solo professional.
  • How you can overcome shyness when approaching and following up with your clients.
  • Should you display your freelance rates on your official website or not? We get down to the pros and cons.
  • How to get over your fear of pricing your services higher than your current rate.


003: How to Find Your First 3 Clients


For those who are new to freelancing, this episode will give you an idea of what it’s like to start out as a freelancer and the steps we – Stef, Celine, and other Filipino freelancers we’ve asked – took to find and land our first three clients. (This is worth it, promise.)

In This Episode:

  • Stef and Celine share the stories how they got their first 3 clients.
  • We share the stories of other local freelancers as well, plus some international statistics. Turns out, the results are surprising: majority of freelancers don’t find their clients from job bidding sites. What does this mean for you?
  • Local vs. Foreign clients – what’s the difference working with them?
  • If you don’t know what to do next, we share how to do research as a new freelancer.
  • Stats we discussed (click “Continue Reading” to check them out):

[Read more…]

002: The Online Employee versus The Freelancer


Today, we got down to the nitty-gritty details by asking this important question: what differentiates the online employee from the online freelancer? 

Paying attention to the mindset you are in is important if you want to do better work and take your freelancing career further. Some people are comfortable with being online employees, and that’s great for them! But what if you want something more? In this episode, we’ll explore what these two mindsets mean and how you can make the choice as to which path you want to take.

In This Episode:

  • Celine asks Stef to explain her blog post on online employees vs. online freelancers, which triggered the discussion of this episode. What’s the difference between the two approaches and how do you choose?
  • If you’re in the online employee mindset and you want to shift to the freelancer/consultant mindset, we go in depth on how to do that, as well as share our own personal experiences.
  • Finding and approaching clients is like dating. Really.
  • The awesome benefits of the freelancing approach – and the price you have to pay for it.


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001: Say Hello To The Better Work Podcast + Taking Control


Welcome to the very first episode of Better Work! We’re your hosts, Stef Gonzaga of The Freelance Pinoy and Celine Roque of Pinoy500.

It’s a bi-weekly podcast—one of the very few out there—for Filipino freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to take a stand and finally do better work, get creative, and make a difference.

For this episode, we decided to kick things off with one of the fundamental aspects of freelancing, which is taking control. It’s taking control of your time, the kind of work you do, the people you work with, and the decisions you make as a freelancer and entrepreneur.

In This Episode:

  • We explore how more freedom and more control of your schedule, rates/pay, and life attracts a lot of people to freelancing. We also share our personal schedules and how we work.
  • Taking control is a range (no control vs. full control), with each end having its own benefits and costs. We discuss where/how to find the level of control you’re most comfortable with.
  • Taking control of your rates. We talk about what goes into freelancers’ and clients’ minds when it comes to rates.
  • Taking control of your projects/tasks. You get good at the things you do regularly – are you doing the right things?
  • We confess the major mistakes we’ve made as freelancers.


What do you think of this episode? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your feedback and comments using this form. For questions or concerns, do send us an email at hello@betterworkph.com.