001: Say Hello To The Better Work Podcast + Taking Control


Welcome to the very first episode of Better Work! We’re your hosts, Stef Gonzaga of The Freelance Pinoy and Celine Roque of Pinoy500.

It’s a bi-weekly podcast—one of the very few out there—for Filipino freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to take a stand and finally do better work, get creative, and make a difference.

For this episode, we decided to kick things off with one of the fundamental aspects of freelancing, which is taking control. It’s taking control of your time, the kind of work you do, the people you work with, and the decisions you make as a freelancer and entrepreneur.

In This Episode:

  • We explore how more freedom and more control of your schedule, rates/pay, and life attracts a lot of people to freelancing. We also share our personal schedules and how we work.
  • Taking control is a range (no control vs. full control), with each end having its own benefits and costs. We discuss where/how to find the level of control you’re most comfortable with.
  • Taking control of your rates. We talk about what goes into freelancers’ and clients’ minds when it comes to rates.
  • Taking control of your projects/tasks. You get good at the things you do regularly – are you doing the right things?
  • We confess the major mistakes we’ve made as freelancers.


What do you think of this episode? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your feedback and comments using this form. For questions or concerns, do send us an email at hello@betterworkph.com.

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